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GAV successfully livestreams CINEPUB the IIIrd

Watch last night’s (live) broadcast, featuring Mihaela Dedeoglu and Dan Alexe, the Romanian journalist,
documentarist and writer, having a chat about literature, film and life altogether.

18th of November 2016

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Cinepub@GAV broadcasts its 2nd livestream: “Dogs, people and buildings”

Lucian Georgescu intiates a discussion about visual culture in Romania with architect Şerban Sturdza and film
directors Alexandru Maftei and Alexandru Solomon, on the evening of the launch of their documentaries on Cinepub.

28th of October 2016

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GAV proudly presents Cinepub’s 1st livestream

Ileana Bîrsan in dialogue with Cristi Puiu
On Thursday, October 12th, the revolution was livestreamed by Cinepub. The TAC team behind Cinepub’s premiere made it possible
for cinephiles everywhere to attend an event that would otherwise be reserved for the lucky few.

14th of October 2016

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Our creative director shares his view on festivals

Creative festivals are like dingy bars. You go on a drinking binge, but the next day you’re hangover,
poorer and with the same issues to solve.

23rd of September 2016

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CINEPUB – officially renewed for Season 3 by GAV

Due to being critically acclaimed by both viewers and critics, CINEPUB will start a new season of delivering Romanian films everywhere.
Within less than two years, Cinepub.ro - GAV’s cultural project - proves to be one of the most successful content media start-ups
with over 1.500.000 views and 16 million minutes of viewing time.
And the journey has only just begun.
Because now, GAV is launching CINEPUB.RO 3rd season!
Join us at the weekly premiere on Cinepub.ro, every Thursday, at 20:30.
Watch shorts, feature films, animations and documentaries and discover powerful stories, exceptional characters, disturbing realities or special universes from our land.

15 th of September 2016

15 years of realism in Romanian cinema

A night with Cristi Puiu curated by Lucian Georgescu and powered by CINEPUB.
A dialogue about the trials and tribulations of the renowned director.

24 th of April 2016

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GAV enrolls the CINEPUB project at SOFA – School of Film Agents

CINEPUB 2nd Life is one of the eight promising projects in the film industry, selected for the third edition of the famous SOFA - School of Film Agents.
Dorina Oarga (Project Manager CINEPUB) will present the new CINEPUB project at the Wroclaw workshop.

25 th of August 2015

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Our creative director talks about his start in advertising

Marius Roșu about his first project: "Some coasters for Makita. I stole one when they were delivered from the print
and showed it to friends, family and people on the bus."

30 th of July 2015

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Online communities

Arina Udup, Digital Strategist, in an interview about brand communities

24 th of April 2015

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Dan Bittman sings a new song in the new Selgros TV commercial

Dan Bittman is the new star of the Selgros communication campaign ”Pentru profesioniști și amatori. De bunătățuri.”

22 nd of April 2015

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Happy Tour has nothing to ho hide!

We signed the creative concept and the digital strategy for Happy Tour.
The campaign promotes the best holidays solutions and transparent travel offers.

2 nd of April 2015

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5 creative directors at
SMARK KnowHow – Promotions Now 2015

Marius Roșu talked about relevance in the advertising industry, presenting the ”Hungry Planet” photo-project by Peter Menzel.
The photos show the cultural differences around the world when it comes to family dinner.

24 th of March 2015

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Lucian Georgescu in an interview about CINEPUB

Lucian Georgescu: „Our film project, CINEPUB, is some sort of
a CSR program for GAV. Or a cultural kibutz.”

23 rd of March 2015

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GAV developed a new image campaign for Bosch

„Fă-ți casa cu Bosch!” campaign targets gardening and do-it-yourself
passionates through all DiY product lines: Bosch Green, Skil and Dremel.

20 th of March 2015

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Never start with the thought
that your client is difficult

Eugen Șoineanu – New Business Director
talks about the Agency - Client relationship

13 th of March 2015

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Pay attention to brand characteristics
and don’t make it a caricature

Marius Roșu talks about promotions in an interview for IQAds.
He will attend the ”Promotions Now 2015” event next week.

12 th of March 2015

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Selgros communication campaign:
”Pentru profesioniști și amatori. De bunătățuri.”

The communication campaign is built around a community, a ”club” made up of gastronomy lovers:
professionals and amateurs, rock stars and regular people.

3 rd of March 2015

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National pride in advertising

The national pride is not Romanian any longer. We borrow it from other nations,
but we deny it when we get back home

10 th of February 2015

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Lucian Georgescu and the
Romanian print history

“I have not created a classic ad, exclusively for print, in years…”

6 th of February 2015

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3 new colleagues

At GAV we're spicing it up with
new creative forces

5 th of February 2015

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Marius Rosu talks about

A big part of the products I consume can't afford
big pharaonic marketing budgets

10 th of December 2014

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Hoax in Advertising

Alexandru Borşan, Strategy Director, about the balance between
hoax prospects and the brand promise.

3 rd of November 2014

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The creative generation gap

Marius Rosu talks about the creative generation gap
in an IQAds interview

14 th of October 2014

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The Gentlemen from

Lucian Georgescu and Eugen Soineanu, interviewed for
the “Genteleman’s Car” magazine.

September 2014

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Webstock Awards Winners

GAV won 2nd place at Webstock Awards for the “Cum am supravietuit”
campaign developed for Selgros Romania.

28 th of September 2014

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Advertising ethics

Marius Rosu about the advertising ethics
and the 10 advertising commandments.

15 th of September 2014

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GAV recruited Arina Udup
as its new Digital Strategist

GAV expanded its online competencies by recruiting
Arina Udup as its new Digital Strategist.

4 th of July 2014

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5 new colleagues at GAV

GAV team has 5 new colleagues

15 th of April 2014

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GAV Interviu - [at office]

10 years of advertising with GAV

21 st of January 2014

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The Phantom Father

"A Romanian Rhapsody" premiers in California

28 th of November 2013

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BookTrailers by GAV!

We're in the booktrailer business! Check out the article and be
sure to watch the booktrailer videos!

19 th of October 2013

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GAV rocked at Anim'est!

Rocking the creepy Animation Night @ Animest!

12 th of October 2013

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