The Phantom Father

© 2011 GAV film
A film by Lucian Georgescu.

"The stranger than paradise" Robert "dreamer" Traum meets in front "Cinema Paradiso" with Sami-the-projectionist after an adventurous, mysterious and funny journey, to finally find love.

Unique, yet symbolic, this is the story of an American professor of Jewish descent who is compelled to turn his back on a successful career and get on the road that takes him through danger, the unknown and the surreal, back to the roots to reclaim his identity.

The quest takes the hero, masterfully portrayed by Peter Greenaway and Francis Ford Coppola actor Marcel Iures, back to the Old World that rewards our traveler with a double love story. On the one hand he finds romantic love, on the other the passion for old cinema, nomad, popular, naïve and generous.

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